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Bon Voyage
Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage

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Fiery morning skies provide for interesting lighting on Preston Beach, in Marblehead, Massachusetts, featuring this mini holiday-themed sailboat, hand made by FL Woods.

Framing material:

-Premium matte finished wood frames, made in the USA, are available in white, black and silver and are 3/4" wide.

-Metal frames are 3/16" wide giving them an extra sleek look. Metal frames are made of high quality aluminum 

Print paper:

Printed on Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper- the highest quality archival paper, with excellent color management. All photographs are lustre coated; an eco-friendly, non-flammable roller-applied coating which provides superior protection against fingerprints and UV exposure, while enhancing the look of the print.


Size chart: prints, mat and frame:

Print size

Mat size (W x L)

Frame size

8" x 10"

2 and 5/8" x 3 and 1/8"

14" x 15"

16" x 20"

3 and 5/8" x 4 and 1/8"

24" x 27"

20" x 25"

3 and 5/8" x 4 and 1/8"

28" x 32"

Frame components:

-For preserving and protecting artwork, a non-glare acrylic cover is included

-White mat board made of 100% cotton, lignin-free and acid-free, designed for preservation of artwork

-A 3/16" foam backing is included for easy mounting; an added layer of protection

-Archival quality, puncture resistant, acid-free frame backing paper for dust prevention

-Sawtooth hanger for hanging small prints

-Pre-assembled Wallbuddies for hanging large prints