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2023 End of Year Slideshow

Welcome to my 2023 'best of' photo series. I hope these photos are moving for you in some way. This past year, I didn't take as many shots but discovered something deeper. I started to question the motive for taking certain shots, beyond just aesthetics. After some time, it became crystal clear; the shots that resonated most with me were ones that incorporated the most basic elements of living and survival with the great outdoors. It is an appreciation for 'our simplest way' which refers to elements of living in towns and villages that were hallmarks of their beginnings which I believe hold tremendous spiritual value in the world we live in today. This is the lens through which most of my photos are taken through now.

The majority of images were taken in Marblehead and surrounding areas of the north shore, as well as Vermont. They are in no particular order. Of the many photos that were captured this past year, thought this collection was a good representation of what I have to offer as an artist. Please enjoy! And if so inclined, feel free to comment! Happy new year all! 




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  • Carol McKenna

    Very professional photography and your philosophy about why you choose these photos shows what an enlightened human being you are ~ Wishing you much success each day.

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