Artist Statement

I love living near the water. The sunrises and sunsets are extraordinary, punctuated by vivid colors that only last for minutes. I live for photographing scenes like this, and experiencing that connection with the natural world, largely absent during the grind of the week. 

Seeing the colors of the sky start to develop, sometimes as much as an hour before sunrise, with a coffee in hand, is a beautifully uplifting way to start the day. I want the viewer to feel this mood- to be immersed in a wonderful place and to feel that positive energy. As a kid I was inspired by my father’s adoration for nature and exploration as well as seeing National Geographic’s stunning panoramic photos of previously unseen parts of the world. As an adult those foundations still resonate strongly within me and continue to propel my photography drive. 

Within each frame, I tend to incorporate lines, color accents and patterns, arranged in a balanced way that invites the viewer in, and has a directional flow. The final ingredient, light, is something I can’t control, so I am at the mercy of Mother Nature to cooperate. To try to get an edge, I closely monitor the weather, and keep notes on locations that would pair well with certain conditions, like snow, fall foliage or clouds.
Based in Marblehead, the majority of my images are captured locally. Other locations represented in my online gallery include Nantucket, Vermont, Cambridge-Boston and South Florida.