Pop-up at ARTI (70 Washington St, Marblehead, MA))

Marblehead Festival of Arts: Final Selections

Below are the 2 photos that will be submitted to the 2023 Marblehead Festival of Arts. It will take place from July 1-4. The photography exhibits will be hosted at Old Town House.

The first photo, "Racers Row" was captured last year with a drone- it resonated with me because of its simplicity, color scheme and minimalism, all within the context of being nautically-themed. I thought it uniquely captured Marblehead. 

The second photo, "Envy" is a shot from last year, taken off of route 17 in Vermont. With snow falling, noticed several horses running around, with one of them standing in the stable entrance. This is a photo that makes me stop, observe and think- why is the horse in the entrance not running around with the rest? Compositionally, it is one of my favorite shots.

"Racers Row"

Racers Row in Marblehead



Horses running in the snow in Vermont

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