Pop-up at ARTI (70 Washington St, Marblehead, MA))

Limited Edition Prints

Excited to launch this set of limited edition prints with First Harbor Company in Marblehead, MA.

I heard about a boat they launch every year before the holidays, with a small Christmas tree in it. It is an immensely charming nautical ensemble to say the least, and such an inviting little spot- the scene emanates so much holiday joy and positive energy. 

After meeting with the amazing owners of First Harbor Company, Samantha and Tom Peach, it became obvious that we were a great match and have closely collaborated since.  

The bottom photo was taken in 2020, and selected as my first limited edition, end of year print, featuring the First Harbor boat. Each photo above it was taken a year later.

Production currently includes a total of five photos. They are  8” x 10" matted, signed and framed.