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New Artist Statement

Excited to share my new Artist statement. Having taken a step back to find common threads, identifying elements and influences within my photos, made a few discoveries. I believe this revised statement is a more accurate and authentic description of what my photography entails.

Artist Statement:

I love living near the water and traveling to places where the outdoors are a central part of life. Experiencing that connection with the natural world is part of my ethos and I try to convey that through photos. Each photo incorporates my natural surroundings paired with the most basic elements of human influence; ones that have an innate connection to their location, be it a dinghy or barn. They are meant to highlight our more simplistic ways of living, which I believe runs deep within our DNA. They also help to give a sense of place to scenes that have no identifying characteristics. I cherish seeing them, as they force us to slow down and indulge in the spirit of our more ancestral ways.

When combined with Mother nature’s vastness, unpredictability and prowess, landscapes take on a special art form for me, invoking a sense of excitement and triggering a satisfyingly primal mood; consisting of a gratefulness for survival, a sense of belonging and an intense appreciation for the great outdoors. Compositional aesthetics are also incorporated into each photo, including special attention to leading lines, color accents and contrasting light.

Based in Marblehead, most of my images are captured locally. I am in Vermont frequently so there is a heavy representation of photos from there too. Other locations in my online gallery include Nantucket, Cambridge-Boston and South Florida. 

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