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New Artist Statement

Excited to share my new Artist statement. Having taken a step back to find common threads, identifying elements and influences within my photos, made a few discoveries. I believe this revised statement is a more accurate and authentic description of what my photography entails. Artist Statement: I love living near the water and traveling to places where the outdoors are a central part of life. Experiencing that connection with the natural world is part of my ethos and I try to convey that through photos. Each photo incorporates my natural surroundings paired with the most basic elements of human influence; ones that have an innate connection to their location, be it a dinghy or barn. They are meant to highlight...

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February 2022 new photos

Wrapping up a great month of skiing, snow days and time in Vermont. This is the first winter that my kids can ski trails more difficult than the bunny trails. They quickly progressed beyond the greens and are now solid blue square skiers. It is so much fun skiing with them now! We have spent a lot of time away from home, driving north into Vermont to take advantage of winter outdoor activities. So far, most of Vermont has underperformed in terms of snowfall this season. A significant thawing event occurred mid-month, followed by a snowstorm, allowing for scenes like the top middle photo to emerge. The bottom left photo was taken during the thaw, when huge chunks of ice...

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