Pop-up at ARTI (70 Washington St, Marblehead, MA))

2021 Q3 Photo Update

This summer flew by- here are a few of my self-anointed highlights, including 1 photo from each of the past 3 months:

1. Poses

I have been running the Swampscott Photography Group for a few years now, which had slowed down and basically come to a screeching halt due to Covid. Over the summer, started leveraging Instagram to try to reinvigorate our meetups. Several folks showed up for this meetup in July, and it was really a pleasure meeting people, making some new connections and getting to shoot. This shot was taken as I was leaving, as I spotted a group of kids underneath this enormous tree. Against a foggy, and much brighter background, they show up as silhouettes and thought this would be a nice to capture, given how they had just paused to rest. 


2. Beach Art

A pop up art display, designed and assembled by Jason Maracani and Jeremy Barnett. Their display completely transformed the landscape at the Goldthwait Reservation in Marblehead, MA. When Jeremy's daughter stepped inside of it, wearing a purple sweater, saw an opportunity to capture a special moment. 


3.  Fields of Gold

The vast majority of images I take are in Marblehead, MA. However, after spending a few days in Nantucket over the summer and doing some shooting there, thought some of those images were a good fit with my photo style. As a result, I launched a Nantucket collection, which is now active on my website. 

4. "Blossom"

Proud to highlight a photo from my collaboration with First Harbor Company in Marblehead. This small boat was hand crafted by Tom Peach (co-owner of First Harbor Company with his wife, Samantha Peach). Captured during blue hour, really like the way this came together with moody skies and the lighthouse in the background. 


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